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Google Forced A Judge to Reveal its Underwear to the SEO Community

google underwear

In a bizarre ruling, Google has been ordered to show its underwear to the whole SEO community.

Oh dear, what have you done, Google? There’s a lawsuit going on involving the company and a disgruntled SEO that could see it revealing its secret underwear.

As part of the lawsuit, Google has been told by a UK judge to either withdraw its case outright or show its underpants and any other form of underwear it may wear on a day-to-day basis. In the event that Google goes commando, the company may be ordered to wear something of the court’s choosing.

Needless to say, it would be a landmark ruling in SEO and clothing.

Boxers or briefs?

Naturally, Google does not want to reveal its underwear.

However, Google is reluctant to drop its case against the SEO who claims the company doesn’t like his site and have dropped it from the first page as punishment. The SEO, Oliver Tabooga, is confident he’ll win his case. Should that happen, Google would have to settle, bump the site to #1, and pay millions in damage.

Is Google’s underwear part of the algorithm

Speaking to an unnamed source, we asked whether Google’s choice of underwear could be part of the algorithm.

I’d be surprised if item(s) of clothing would be part of Google’s algorithm but anything can happen in these uncertain times. If they are, it’d be interesting to see what they choose to wear, why, and whether they outsource their undergarments or build their own.

What if Google wears a bra?

Some SEOs believe there could be bras and knickers amongst the types of underwear Google could be wearing, should it be revealed to the community.

The fact they have to be revealed at all is a talking point but it’s claimed that the judge, Justice Frütpeiz, wants to make an example of the company.

Let’s see what Google does. Remember, Google cannot go commando if they lose and whether its boxers, briefs, thongs, G-strings, or bras, the gloves will come off and so will tops and trousers. Or shirts. Or jumpers. Or skirts. Or shorts.

(This is a parody and boxers aren’t a ranking factor.)

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