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SEO swallowed whole by a 23-foot-long Python script

Python script code

An SEO was found inside a massive Python script in a Californian office, according to local news reports.

Co-workers found the body of James Nasium, 31, after interrupting a while loop within the Python script, San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Nasium was reported missing Tuesday after he failed to return home to his family after work the previous day, a spokesperson for the police in San Francisco told SearchEngineLuke.

While searching for the marketer, co-workers found the Python script and suspected the while loop had swallowed Nasium.

The moment Jim said print(“Goodbye, world”)

“We couldn’t find Jim anywhere, but I saw a blinking screen and when I went up to it, I saw this terminal scrolling through. And then I saw Jim’s body in 1s and 0s” Joseph King told us. “They said Python was meant to help our industry, not kill employees!”

Other co-workers found Nasium’s office equipment, his books on content marketing and a list of backlinks, The Daily Alta California reported.

Peninsula Times Tribune posted a video of co-workers trying to shut the Python script down. It showed them struggling to find the right buttons to press as they’d never seen a Python script before. Eventually, a technical SEO stepped in to interrupt the code.

How can a Python script be so dangerous?

Python scripts typically run without fear of death but according to an industry source, traditional SEOs can lose control and get squeezed to death by loops and swallowing whole. Attacks on marketers are extremely rare.

We spoke to another of Nasium’s co-workers, who wanted to remain anonymous, and she felt that the issue was with the company’s inability to adapt rather than Python.

This is what happens when you don’t upskill. Jim’s death could have been avoided. We need to work together on things like automation and machine learning.

Anonymous employee

We reached out to the company CEO but he declined to comment.

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